Up lighting

Elegant Lighting

Event lighting is essential for any wedding or other upscale event. The lighting helps to create the right atmosphere and helps focus your guest’s attention to various happenings during your event. It’s important to know what you wish to light and how. Things like the size of the room and your budget will also be deciding factors. Whether you want to go lavish or keep things relatively simple you need to talk to a lighting expert who will explain what is possible and how much it will cost.


Uplighting washes your reception room with elegant light and adds color, warmth, drama and depth. Uplighting looks fabulous in photos and videos and transforms your event space into a dream space. Uplighting can be done in any color of the rainbow. You can have a solid color throughout the room, more than one, or have lights that change at different times during the event. There are two types of uplights. One is the LED and the other is PAR can: PAR stands for Parabolic Aluminized Reflector and each light has a high powered bulb inside and a reflector that concentrates the light.

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