What is a GOBO? A gobo is much like a stencil or photographic slide. They can be used to project an image. GOBOs are the one of hottest things for wedding and other special events. It’s your day to be the star why not put your name in lights? Or you can have any number of special images projected to add drama and style to your wedding reception. You could have your initials, a posh monogram, your names or the logo from your invitations for example. You can incorporate your wedding colors with your GOBO or a graphic design that will tied in with your wedding theme. Your wedding is your day to be a star, so why not put your name in lights? Using a special fixture coupled with a custom made GOBO Quantum Productions can project your names, monogram, wedding date and/or design elements onto a wall or the dance floor. This will add a personal touch to the décor of the day and can be customized to match design elements from your stationery, invitations or the graphic on the bottom of your photo booth strips. For more information about GOBO possibilities call us.

If you would like more information, remember to call Quantum Productions at 587.404.1665 (Edmonton) or 403.613.1131 (Calgary) or(778) 655-1822 Okanagan