Quantum Productions in Edmonton Event Awards

We are pleased to announce that Quantum Productions has been nominated for best new product in 2016 by the Edmonton Event Awards committee.

Early last year we started installing a one of a kind product from DanceFloorWrapsDanceFloorWraps.ca. This revolutionary product will turn any dance floor into the centerpiece of any event and guaranteed to draw everyone’s attention towards it. Our professional installation staff will transform your dance floor into the floor of your dreams in only a couple of hours. Clean up is a breeze allowing you to use this product even if you have multiple events in one day at your venue.

The endless creative possibilities allow you to create a truly unique, one of a kind design suitable for any event. A huge advantage of this product is that it is not strictly made for dance floors. The versatility of this product has even allowed us to create a fashion show runway for the recent Ribbon Rouge Foundation. Explore the many different uses of Dance Floor Wraps by using this product as aisle runners, and stage covering, or take the product to the wall with vinyl art, or creating a stunning backdrops for photos.”

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